The struggle between adolescence and parents expectations

This is a crazy dilemma, and people who have been through this and kept their parents choice above their happiness are just living a compromised life, and gradually the light of their dreams turn into monster of nightmares, they become things not done,  possibilites not lived. They keep blaming their parents for all the wrong... Continue Reading →


Are You Trying To Get Over Someone?

Now, you must be thinking is it even possible? It sure is,It is tough though,but you just have to give it some time, to detach and heal. The process of getting over someone is like fighting your own demons,trying to forget the ghost of past, and above all,not knowing the answers to several questions which... Continue Reading →

What is Anxiety attack & How to deal with it?

I'm sure everyone has experienced a feeling of anxiousness or nervousness at least once in a lifetime,let it be while giving a dance performance, presentation or just going through some disturbing stage of life. But, for few it becomes a routine and it's so frequent that it takes over their happiness. Let's understand what's anxiety... Continue Reading →

Solipsism – Where only you exist!

Solipsism is a spooky "philosophical" idea, or belief or hypothesis that nothing exists out of me or "my mind is the only mind" and that one's own mind is sure to exist and anything out of their mind is unsure or doesn't exist. It's a state where person refuses to accept the reality and considers... Continue Reading →

Fear is an Illusion

Yes, I made a statement and I'm sure i'll prove it right by the end of this article. "Darr ke aage jeet he" (There's triumph,when you overcome your fear). I was wondering, what is fear? and in the process of contemplation, i realized that there's no such thing like fear,it's just an illusion. Let's go... Continue Reading →

How to control your actions?

Have you ever wondered if you could control your actions? Are you guilty about reacting more than needed,to a situation? Regrets are your routines?  Than this article is for you. This article talks about the pause in between Stimulus and Response, Emotional Intelligence, and How to Control your Actions. Let's understand Stimulus: It can be any... Continue Reading →

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