Fear is an Illusion

fear_is_an_illusionYes, I made a statement and I’m sure i’ll prove it right by the end of this article. “Darr ke aage jeet he” (There’s triumph,when you overcome your fear). I was wondering, what is fear? and in the process of contemplation, i realized that there’s no such thing like fear,it’s just an illusion. Let’s go through this process together.

Fear is anything that stops us from doing a task,because the consequences threatens us.

There are many kinds of fears

Fear of exams, Fear of losing someone, Fear of ghosts, Fear of failing, Fear of what will society think (hit list) etc.,


First thing,thinking that you can’t be fearless,makes you accept fear. 

Did you ever see a kid? Kids are the most fearless. They can jump off a hill happily, Go feed a lion, and i’m sure they’ll even walk on a glacier skywalk. (I always think why do we even grow up). I’m trying to say, Fear is something that is not born nature of a human it develops from the environment you’re from.In complicated words Fear is just an Imagination.

Now imagine,you watched a horror movie and getting down from your terres stairs, it scares the shit out of you and you run like,dog’s chasing you. Though you know that there’s nobody behind and it’s just your illusion or Imagination, that the ghost is behind you.That is fear. Fear is your imagination. That something’s bad going to happen, when there’s actually nothing happening. If you ever feel this way when you’re gettin down stairs or alone in your room, turn around and look out for that ghost. There can be two possibilities, let’s assume you got ghost in there, even if ghost is there it’s for your good you can face it and hold it’s neck or try to escape. isn’t that good too? All i’m trying to say is the moment you face fear you realize that there’s no fear at all. Even if it’s there,you fight back. The more you run, the more you escape, or the more you fight the more stronger it gets. Don’t empower fear. Empower yourself by knowing there’s no fear and you can do that only when you face it.

My favorite kind of fear is “What will the society think?” Like c’mon there a billion people in this world,and the society talks about them all, stop thinking that only YOU interest them.Learn to accept yourself and understand you don’t need any body’s approval.You do something that you don’t like or which is against your heart will , just because what will “society”  think? If you observe clearly you’re still in fear, actually, struggling between fear of being yourself and fear of what society thinks. Society gonna talk anyway. Why not do something which your heart craves and listen to their tantrums than living a compromised life thinking that it will get better someday or you’ll be used to it. They’re gonna talk anyway, Mind you.

Fear is the fruit which comes from the seed of desire. The more the desires, the more the fears, because you’ll carry with you the fear of failing or not achieving those desires. I’m not saying don’t have desires. I’m saying if you concentrate on negative aspects like “If i fail in this exam” leads to fear, rather say your mind “This is just an exam, I’m gonna clear it, if i don’t, i’ll still be fine, because exams don’t gauge my capabilities”  look at it positively. Have desires. Desires are domain to success.

If not desire, the other cause for fear is attachments and comparisons. Attachments are always a pain because you have fear of losing. When you have attachments, you’ll feel you own that thing or person. Like you’re attached to you car, your home you’ll think that if i quit my job, i can’t pay loans of car and house so that fear will lead to fear to being removed from job or starting up your own. Comparison of where you’re and where you want to be or what you earn and what you want to earn. The only cure for this LOVE, Love and Attachments are two different things. Attachment is you want a person/thing all for yourself, can’t share where as love is even if it’s gone you think it is within you and wish they’re happy wherever they’re. Instead of comparing Love the place where you’re and accept it.

So yes, Fear is just an Illusion.







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