Solipsism – Where only you exist!

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Solipsism is a spooky “philosophical” idea, or belief or hypothesis that nothing exists out of me or “my mind is the only mind” and that one’s own mind is sure to exist and anything out of their mind is unsure or doesn’t exist. It’s a state where person refuses to accept the reality and considers them to be God or they’re above all and they created this universe and all the humans in this world are just existing for their amusement and they created them. They feel world is like a TV show, where they’re put into forcibly and they’re the lead character in that show. I consider it to be the most negative, nonsensical philosophy ever.  I believe that these kind of people are mentally ill and need help. But the problem is they’re not ready to listen to anything you say, they believe that you’re tricking them to believe in this shit that reality is different and there is another world apart from what they created of their own. It’s close to impossible to help them out, because the funny thing is they think you’re created by them.

Example : They see a ghost in a closet,which only they can see and nobody else and trying to say them that there is no ghost in closet it’s just your imagination makes you look like stupid to them.

In a better way to understand if you say them the word “Truth” they understand that word to be “My Truth” or my version of truth. They cannot apply any word in any sense other than their own egocentric one.



There are 3 types of solipsism:

  1. Metaphysical solipsism – Nothing exists except one’s own mind. When the solipsistic believe that we all are extension of their own self and not independent
  2. Epistemological solipsism – Only those things that are directly accessible through your senses are known. Ex :  If they’re looking at eiffel tower they can’t be sure if China wall exists.
  3. Methodological Solipsism: Self is the starting point of philosophical construction.

It is a concept which isn’t even close to commonsense and many philosophers have still not find the accurate solution for solipsism. In Fact we can’t talk about solipsism without taking name of Rene Descartes he is a french philosopher I consider him to be father of solipsism he refused to accept any ideas,teachings and preaching of outside world other than his own,he believed that the only way to find truth is by introspection and breaking all the big questions into small ones. He questioned his own fundamental philosophies and his quote “I think, therefore I am ” from his book Discourse on the Method has been quoted because he thought even the basic reality of everyday routines in life can be questioned.

Solipsism is entertained on 3 widely entertained presuppositions

  1. What i know most certainly are the contents of my own mind, my own perception, my own views etc.,
  2. There is no logical link between mental and physical.
  3. The experiences of a given person are private to that person.

People who suffer from solipsism, are very stubborn and egocentric that they’ll be never be ready to accept the reality as it is. They believe what they think is truth, and you can never convince them to accept the reality because the perception of reality in their head is what they believe as reality.

But you can’t consider a solipsistic as rude or arrogant because they just see what they have to see and for them its solemnly true and your arguments are relatively meaningless because only she can prove herself wrong as only their own mind is meaningful for them. They don’t even consider something as threat as we’re meaningless to them. It’s total bullshit.

Worst part of solipsism comes when they see what they want to see though it’s only half side they don’t see what they don’t want to see.

Example: If a solipsistic love someone and the opposite person doesn’t they don’t consider their opinions they believe that other person loves them because the other person opinions are ruled out. If you try to explain them they’ll never believe you and consider all of this is just to trap her. Scary ? isn’t it?

I want to ask them

If you’re creator of this universe.prove it.

If this is the world you created, what was the world like, before you? If there was no world before you. Where did you come from?







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