What is Anxiety attack & How to deal with it?

social anxiety

I’m sure everyone has experienced a feeling of anxiousness or nervousness at least once in a lifetime,let it be while giving a dance performance, presentation or just going through some disturbing stage of life. But, for few it becomes a routine and it’s so frequent that it takes over their happiness. Let’s understand what’s anxiety and it’s symptoms.

An anxiety comes with certain symptoms which may last for certain minutes or hours depends on how the person reacts to it. General Symptoms for Anxiety attack are Irregular heartbeat, Sweating, Short breaths, Nausea,Dizziness, Fear of losing your mind,shaking, Fear that you may die. There are different kinds of anxiety which is necessary for you to identify.


  • General Anxiety Disorder(GAD) : In this type of anxiety people are worried about little things and get tensed, exaggerate its general.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD): These are characterised by recurrent and unwanted obsessions they’re performed repetitively to eliminate unwanted thoughts Ex : checking your phone, cleaning.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) : When a person is exposed to any life threatening event or any physical harm occurred, death of any person, Natural disasters etc.
  • Social Anxiety Disorder(SAD): It is an anxiety disorder caused due to self consciousness, Fear of speaking in informal or formal events,or just talking to new people or surrounded by unknown people.
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How to deal with Anxiety attacks?

These are some immediate hacks to deal with anxiety attacks,which personally helped me alot but i suggest you to go check a doctor if you find them triggering on a regular basis.

Talk to someone : No matter how alone we feel we’re, we all have that one friend or family we can talk anything under the sun,this is one amazing way to relieve stress and anxiety. As the saying goes “Shared joy is double joy, shared sorrow is half a sorrow”  Bottling things up and letting the fear stress/anxiety fester is the worst thing you can do. It is a healthy way to channel your emotions and promote positive outlook. large

Have an Incantation : Whenever anxiety hits you,have a mantra/ Incantation,like my favorite is “This too shall pass” or  “I’m stronger than this” this chants works in a magical way to cheat your mind into believing that you’re stronger and this isn’t going to destroy you.


Pen down whatever is bothering you : This helps a lot when nobody is around or you have secrets you can’t reveal to any and want to keep it for yourself. Just take a pen and paper write down,whatever is bothering you and how you feel about it,just scribble and take it all out and later dump it. It helps you talk it all out and still keep it secret. You’re your own best friend typa.


Cuddle Animals : I’m a cynophilist, i have like two dog’s in my home just because i was fighting from depression and friend suggested they help i bought them and trust me they’re angels, best decision i’ve ever made so far. They take away all our pain and keep us busy as well. Whenever anxiety triggers cuddle them,you’ll feel a lot better.


Play games on phone : It’s scientifically proven that playing games on phone reduce stress and anxiety, especially violent video games,their way to “work through frustrations” and it importantly distracts you from thinking about what is causing you anxiety. Video games have direct positive effect on human brain.


Take deep breaths: When anxiety triggers it’s really hard to control breath, the way you breathe affects your whole body, breathing exercises helps your body feel relaxed. Just sit or lie flat on floor and take deep breaths through your nose and breathe out through your lips. You can always google breathing exercises.


Go for walk : According to numerous studies it is proven that going for walk helps you reduce anxiety, you don’t have to walk miles and miles, moderate paced walking can reduce anxiety or stress and it also helps us in staying calm.


Watch Movie : It is recommended method to distract and reduce anxiety. Watch a good light and comedy movies and not horror movie because it may not unclench your mind.It really works wonders for you long time.


Repeating Numbers or alphabets backwards : Repeating numbers helps you to concentrate more on the order of repetition which will help you to be distracted from tensions and unwanted thoughts and calm your mind.


Yoga : It is the most effective way to ease symptoms of anxiety by  transferring attention to body and breath and release physical tensions from body.Closing your eyes may also help you relax and go within to achieve a more meditative state. There are many online yoga trainings for stress relief yoga. Please try it out.



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