10 Things to Learn from 13 Reasons Why.


To all those who didn’t watch the series of “13 Reasons Why”, i’ll summarise it for you, but make sure you watch it,because you don’t want to miss that amazing series. “13 Reasons Why” is a novel written by Joy Asher in 2007 which is turned to a Netflix series in 2017,definitely a show worth watching. In this series the protagonist Hannah Baker has committed suicide and she records tapes explaining the map of who are the people responsible and what exactly drove her to take her life. There are 13 tapes so there are 13 people/Incidents responsible for her suicide and  only those 13 are having the tapes. Clay Jensen, is playing the male lead role in this series and he is the one who takes the viewers through this series. It talks about how every little thing has an emotional effect on a person, and how it leads to a suicide, or how a suicidal person thought process is. It deals with bullying, sexual assaults, Judgements in short the ugly face of high school life.

There’s definitely a lot to learn from 13 Reason Why series, for everyone. It teaches some real powerful lessons, like how we don’t value people when they’re alive,How authentic the friendship or love should be, how we let our friends down, to all those who ever attempted suicide how we as a society failed to save them, It can be anyone each one have their own stories to tell.

I’ve observed 13 lessons i’ve learned from 13 reasons why,i guess i didn’t just waste my time on other netflix series, but i’m a better person as a whole now,so thought, you’d love to know what your favorite series has in it for you to learn.


  • Every small comment matters : Yes, i guess this is very important for us to learn especially me.Talking about someone’s personal life behind their back or making unnecessary comments or passing judgements wouldn’t do any good for you nor them. “Oh she got another boyfriend, whatte slut” “Oh look there, i wonder how she fit in that dress, she’s giant” “She knows every guy in the school, she must be a hoe” “She’s so skinny” like c’mon you never know what’s his/her need and priorities, we have to understand that it’s their personal life and they’re well aware of what they’re doing if you can help them out go suggest something better, talking behind won’t do no good.


  • Express your Love : First thing, don’t be afraid to love someone and if you ever did, Express it. It’s not just confined to your partner but also your parents, family and friends. It’s important to express your love to someone because once you lost them even if you roar your heart out doesn’t matter anymore. Treasure it, while you have it, as it is the only way to never lose it.


  • Be kind to One Another : You never know what another person is going through, as i said everyone has their own story and their own daily struggles. You don’t have to know their stories but you can just be kind enough to smile at everyone, say hello,ask how are you and you see if anybody isn’t fine you can just give your shoulder or hug them. Being kind doesn’t cost much, small gestures can save someone’s life.


  • Ask before Assuming : Well this is a powerful statement, many of us assume stuff on the basis of stories we hear or just our own perception looking at others behavior next time when you hear something wrong about someone have some courtesy to go and ask to the concerned person and you’ll hear a whole new story, which is important to know.


  • Not to use others, as a shield for your own reality : This is the worst thing to do. You can’t  talk about your own reality so you blame it on others, Man up. Say it’s your fault rather than just blaming it all on the other person. Well you need some real balls to do that, but you always can try, this can give you peace that you’ve accepted your reality rather than hiding behind someone and being a coward.



  • There are two sides of every story : The day you understand this, is the day you’ll be a better person as a whole. A guy comes to you and give you review about other girl in a vulgar way, and you end up assuming her character rather than thinking that “dude got his facts right?” you can try this, and 90% of time it’s just shit that they talk,go to the other party and you can hear a whole different story. At least be a better judge.


  • Do Not Force yourself on a girl : This is the worst habit of men, they think even if the girl smiles,just talk something related to sensuality or even if she’s dressed in a manner that they perceive it to be “easy”. They think it’s their possession and assume that she wants it all from them just like bryce did in the series. First thing     “Get over Yourself” and behave like a son of a well mannered parents and draw your line


  • Admit it’s your mistake : If you think you’re going somewhere wrong, or did something wrong,admit that it’s your fault. This generally happens when you keep secrets and don’t want someone to know about it, you just blame others and think it’s done. Reality is a bitch, it’s gonna slap you hard someday. So it’s better you be ready.


  • Suicide isn’t an option : You always have family and friends no matter how much lonely you’re, i’m sure there will be at least one who you can talk to if not there are many counselling centres who will listen your heart out and are ready to help you out. Suicide is never an option. Hannah Baker had amazing parents who always loved her, supported her but she ignored them. Suicide is never an option.


  • Depression is real : People who think depression isn’t something you worry about or you can’t talk to or it doesn’t need any medical attention, you all are terribly wrong. Mental illness is the first cause for damage to any physical damage, it needs helping and lots of talking. Surviving depression may take a lifetime for few,and they won’t even have any idea that they’re going through it. It’s important to talk to someone. I strongly recommend a counsellor.



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