Are You Trying To Get Over Someone?


Now, you must be thinking is it even possible? It sure is,It is tough though,but you just have to give it some time, to detach and heal. The process of getting over someone is like fighting your own demons,trying to forget the ghost of past, and above all,not knowing the answers to several questions which need to be answered, not understanding where you went wrong and how to correct them and the worst of all deciding are they even worth it? This leads to stress, anxiety and you wanna be a loner forever, punishing yourself and HOPING for better days ahead. Trust me, i completely understand that shit.

Let’s understand this process, there’s a difference between Love and Attachment. Love is selfless, like you want to give everything that’s yours to your loved one’s you want them to be happy, even if it’s without you, though you get a bit messed up at time’s but you know deep inside that you want them to be happy. You’ll do anything for their smile and happiness and give anything that they ask for even if it’s your absence.

Attachment is quite opposite it’s like you treat them like it’s your THING and not human. Like “This is my car, you can’t touch it” You believe that you own them and they belong to you, and only you,like it’s your possession and this does no good to you or them and once you believe that you’re losing them, you lose your mind and start all the obnoxious stuff of bitching, spreading rumors, blame games and stuff.

As buddha said “When you like a flower, you just pluck it,but when you love a flower, you water it daily..”


If you understand where you stand in your love life, is it really love or you’re attached to them, the more easier is it to get over.

If it is Love, it will take a lifetime to get over someone because you really can’t get over them you just take the happy memories with you and carry on with your life,though you move on with your life, somewhere in the corner of your heart they’re still there and will always be there and you hope that they’re happy and can’t really stay in touch because it’s difficult to talk to them as you still have all those feelings hidden in you and you also know even if you find something better it won’t be the same with them because you’re done with the best part of your love life and can’t be the same again. To all those who are at this stage i would suggest that


Trust life a little bit, Give yourself a chance,Love again,with all you got because you can’t punish your present for what your past did to you.Don’t be that person who carries a hollow heart and living for the heck of family and friend’s and still living in the past in head. You know where you stand and what you deserve, Love with all your heart again because this is the only way you help yourself out.

People who are attached to someone, first thing they’re not your possessions to treat them like you own them. No, you don’t own them, and i’m sure this behavior of yours is the major reason you lost that person. You should’ve respected their space. Suggestion to you guys is, you guys are not in love with the person you’re just attached to the dopamine levels that they develop in your body. You’re attached to their presence,their texts,their moshiness, their care that’s it. That’s not love, you should detach yourself and not maintain any personal contact because you hurt the other person. It’s not easy for you to get over,because you’re full of hatred, learn to forgive yourself and be a better person and let them go,as they deserve better and you deserve some real peace and self attachment and try to forget all the memories,once you’re detached from the memories you’ll be a free person, to forget the memories you’ve made you should make new memories with family and friend’s.



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