The struggle between adolescence and parents expectations


This is a crazy dilemma, and people who have been through this and kept their parents choice above their happiness are just living a compromised life, and gradually the light of their dreams turn into monster of nightmares, they become things not done,  possibilites not lived. They keep blaming their parents for all the wrong that’s happening in their life,forever and don’t show any balls to own that shit up. Like they owned their parents decisions, what’s the point in blaming them, when you’re enough coward to let go of your dreams.

I have seen people who let go of their beloved, just because their parents think they didn’t make a right choice be it any reason (caste, creed, color, religion)  and they just let the beautiful relationship go, build with so many memories, love and  affection just because it’s okay to let go and they later marry someone of their parents choice, and later get into so many misunderstandings just because they lack compatibility and can’t just let go of past. I mean is it even worth it? at the end you’re just a mechanical robot who just compromised on life partner. Remember, nothing like the person who loved you even when you’re not so lovable.

To an extent compromising on relationship is even acceptable, my main problem is with people who compromise on their Goals, ambitions. I have a friend who always wanted to be an actor, and he had all skills, talent and looks,to be one. One fine day he called me up and said i signed a picture with XYZ director, shoot is going to start next week. I was so happy and congratulated him. Exactly 4 days later i get a message that he committed suicide. Reason being their parents thought that he can’t sustain in such competitive environment and didn’t allow him to take the offer of being an actor. I felt bad for not being around because he called a couple of times and i couldn’t call back.At the funeral their parents were crying like crazy. I imagined all the possible brutal thoughts while looking at them. How can you think a guy at the age of 20 can sign a film with a reputed director, if he didn’t have a chance to sustain in that industry? How can you gauge someone’s potential? Underestimate your son? and be the reason he be on death bed.

There are so many chef’s, singers, dancers, artists, musicians,writers who are sitting in front of the desk of that shitty computers and trying to prove their existence to their family by compromising their only love and interest and the majority of reason being their family, their wants, their societal image, that they cut the wings of their kid’s and say them if you think of flying you’re bound to fall and we give into it and sign for slave life forever.

First thing dream, dream is the first and foremost step to any success. Dream like you live forever, and come what may don’t let that spark in you go, to achieve it. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Even if your dream is to become next president or just to get new house for yourself. Dream it daily. and someday it will be so real that you’ll fail to identify the difference between your dream and reality. I dreamt of overcoming dyslexia and could write all the alphabets and pronounce words correctly. I dreamt of talking confidently in front of crowd. I dreamt and within no time, i saw them coming true and now i’m a blogger. It was a tough journey, but it was my dream who motivated me to be what i am.

Second Don’t give up, giving up is for cowards let them keep it. They won’t get nothing out of it. Be strong and bold to make all your dreams into reality. I’m not encouraging you to disobey parents. I’m saying parents need some time to understand, give them time. They think that we’re too amteur for it because we don’t show what our interests are and they don’t understand our potential because for them we’re always a kid.If they don’t understand, than it’s time you chose what is important. either you compromise and join the rat race or be a free bird and follow your ambitions , goals. Trust me chasing an ambition is more sexy than obeying parents. Because it’s not an area for cowards.

Follow your heart it already knows where you want to go. Stay positive, and be a beautiful human being and help everyone who needs your help in achieving their dreams, the more you help others, the easier it is reach your destination, because Karma works in beautiful ways, too.

My next article will be on Karma BTW.


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