Hello There! Greycreams has been launched in 2017 to serve as a community to lead an optimistic life. I’ll be posting articles related to emotional Intelligence,psychology and the way to lead life with absolute control over the body,breath and behavior. I want people to know that you always have a choice to take control over any situation just by thinking it serves it’s own purpose and take complete responsibility of their actions.


I’m a hoarder of books so i’ll be giving my reviews on few books that i find are interesting in the genre of Self help, Management,Personality development, and Psychology. Which will help peeps to read some good books and develop a healthy mind and change the way we perceive situations. It is important to develop the habit of reading as it changed the way i approach to uncertainties and i’m sure it’ll help you too.

Hope we both help each other by adding value to this beautiful gift of life. Thank you for the love and support.